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Watch how Germany is planning to replace nuclear power AND PROVIDE JOBS




A Renewable Choice is Available NOW



New Study Shows Replacement Options are Plentiful, Available and Affordable
A new report (click to read) prepared for Riverkeeeper and Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) by energy consulting firm Synapse Energy Economics, finds there is currently a surplus of electricity capacity in the regions near Indian Point, including New York City, and that even if the Indian Point units were closed when their current operating licenses expire by 2015, there would be no need for new electric capacity to meet reliability requirements until 2020. The many varied options from conservation to renewables would create jobs and revenue for NY. The new safe energy would help to prepare for future energy needs while creating new jobs and revenue for New York. Currently NYC has the lowest per capita residential electric consumption in the U.S. yet New Yorkers pay some of the highest rates in the country.  It’s time for a change, we can’t afford the costs and risks of Indian Point any longer.

Sustainable CUNY, via its partnership with NYC, has used Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data to create a NYC Solar Map. The data is being used to build a detailed model of the city, including building rooftops, footprints, and tree shading. This model is the basis for estimating the amount of solar energy that falls on each square meter of the five boroughs, and determining the solar energy potential for every building citywide. The NYC Solar Map is being developed by the Center for Advanced Research of Spatial Information at CUNY’s Hunter College with data collected in April of 2010 by Sanborn Map Company, and technical support from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Consolidated Edison Company of New York. Watch the CNN report below to see how citizens and businesses in NYC are making solar work for them while setting the path for a safe future.

Germany’s Deputy environment minister Astrid Klug said ”The number of jobs in renewables will triple by 2020 and hit 900,000 by 2030.” The video below shows Germany’s 100% renewable power grid. The secure and constant provision of power anywhere and at anytime by renewable energies is now made possible thanks to the Combined Power Plant. The Combined Power Plant links and controls 36 wind, solar, biomass and hydropower installations spread throughout Germany. It is just as reliable and powerful as a conventional large-scale power station. The Combined Renewable Energy Power Plant shows how, through joint control of small and decentralised plants, it is possible to provide reliable electricity in accordance with needs. The Combined Power Plant optimally combines the advantages of various renewable  energy sources. Wind turbines and solar modules help generate electricity in accordance with how much wind and sun is available. Biogas and hydropower are used to make up the difference: they are converted into electricity as needed in order to balance out short-term fluctuations, or are temporarily stored. Technically, there is nothing preventing us from 100 per cent provision with renewables.

Source EnerySavvy.com


Brand New Astoria Combined-Cycle Power Plant

Astoria Energy LLC has been authorised by the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to build a second 500MW natural gas-fueled plant in Queens to supply its governmental customers. The new plant will supply power under a proposed 20-year contract with NYPA. Astoria Energy expects the new plant, which is fully licensed, to enter service by the summer of 2011. The new plant will be a twin of the existing plant. Astoria's first plant began commercial operation in Astoria, Queens, New York in December 2005.. The $650m power plant has two combustion turbines and a steam turbine generating 500MW.  LEARN ABOUT IT HERE

East River – New York, NY

Initiated in 2002, Verdant Power’s Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy (RITE) Project is being operated in New York City’s East River. In three phases, the RITE Project will test, demonstrate and deliver commercial electricity from Verdant Power’s Free Flow Kinetic Hydropower System (tidal). The RITE Project is a prime example of how the Free Flow System can be scaled for placement directly within a population center. LEARN ABOUT IT HERE

The RITE Project Free Flow Kinetic Hydropower System NYC
The world’s first grid-connected array of tidal turbines.


Did you know? Con Ed provides NYC residential and business customers the choice of using sustainable energy right now.  Con Ed currently has a Power Your Way campaign where you can choose a green power provider for your energy needs. The green power you buy is supplied to the power grid that delivers the electricity to all customers in your region.  By choosing to go green you send a message to Indian Point to go away. Click for more information.


Money in your pocket

You probably don't even realize it, but an energy thief is inside your home at this very moment. This thief is silent and unseen, and he's picking your pocket. His name is Standby power also known as Phantom power or Vampire power. The name is given to the electricity used to power electrical appliances and devices even when they are turned off. But how can this be? Isn't an appliance "off" when you switch it off? Not necessarily. In a typical home Standby power uses 456,250 watts per year. Many electronic devices consume electricity 24 hours a day just to stay warmed up for whenever you decide to use them. A good solution to deal with standby power losses in existing equipment is to plug several of the devices into a power strip that has an on/off switch, when not in use simply turn off. Studies show you can reduce your electricty costs by 30% with home energy efficiency improvements such as upgrading the efficiency of the electric heating system, insulating and making air sealing improvements to the home’s building envelope, using solar hot water heating systems and replacing inefficient A/C units, appliances and lighting.